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Here comes Bod

1. Day off internet nonsense took me on this 5 minute trip down memory lane. It made me smile!

This little story made me think about how in everyday situations one person can shame another who then shames another and so on. Round and round the shame monster goes, leaving all kinds of trouble and angst in its wake…

2. This business of shaming one another is based on what we think we know about the world and about one another. But what do we really know? There’s a lovely mystery around Bod’s character. Maybe he has a special way with apples? There is much we don’t know about people and about the world. We shame individuals when we think we know. But usually, we don’t know…

3. Maybe if we could live with a little more humility ourselves, a little more acceptance of the reality that there’s so much we don’t know about one another, we would be slower to shame and quicker to love…?

4. Watching this little video again, I am marvelling at how healing it is when people overcome their shame and start to entertain playful, unexpected possibility together…All this from 5 minutes of an old children’s cartoon!

Here’s to creativity, one of the delights that can begin to transform our shame and help us to embrace a wonderful world of possibility…

Ali Dorey

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